Reach success with Starmoves! The ultimate lesson concept!


You want to become a STARMOVES partner? You won’t regret it!


Get the best of what Hip Hop has to offer. Starmoves is the right partner to have at your side in your dance school. Let the popularity of popstars and world renowned choreographers speak for you: simple but effective! Who better to teach dance fans the newest moves, than the choreographers who created them. You will receive choreographies from the most famous star choreographers as well as the latest youtube sensations.


STARMOVES – A well-rounded package that combines the highest level of quality and professionalism for your students, coaches and your dance school.


We invite you to become part of our community.

-    No start up fee
-    No annual base fee
-    No capitation fee


-    Monthly flat rates!


Starmoves lends itself to a wide range of participants; whether old, young, rookie or advanced!


We also offer you everything you need in order to display STARMOVES  at your dance school:

-    up to 6 choreographies a month
-    choreographies for kids, beginners and advanced
-    collaborations with world-renowned choreographers
-    marketing materials (flyer, banner, onlinebanner, workshops, etc.)
-    further training opportunities for your coaches
-    and much more


What are you waiting for? Become a STARMOVES partner today!



What is Starmoves?

Licensed Hip Hop choreographies by the best choreographers and dancers on the scene i.e.: Marty Kudelka (Justin Timberlake), Misha Gabriel (Michael Jackson) and many more. 


Who is Starmoves suited to?

Starmoves is a well rounded package for hip hop dance classes for all ages. It offers you choreographies for kids, beginners and advanced dancers. 


Who can become a Starmoves partner?

Dance schools, fitness centers, clubs and freelance trainers can all become starmoves partners. 


How much does Starmoves cost?

Starmoves offers differing licensing packages with varying benefits. Contact us for a nonbinding offer! 


What does Starmoves bring to your students, your coaches and your dance school?

Your students benefit from having diverse choreographies by the worlds best choreographers. They will learn the newest and most anticipated moves by those who created them. 


Your coaches benefit through the high quality, high diversity and the ongoing opportunity to further develop their skills at no cost. 


Satisfied students and motivated coaches are the foundation of success. Through the high demand for Starmoves and marketing measures directed towards specific target groups your dance school will be ahead of others in all things hip hop! 


Your success is our success!