The Starmoves College concept – from student to coach

Starmoves College is an intensive, professional dance program with a focus on educating the next generation of dancers. The curriculum offers in-depth training from top-class choreographers and lecturers in modern urban and street styles, as well as experts in the fields of hip-hop history, pedagogy, didactics, anatomy and musicality. Starmoves College offers a complete badge program that sets your dancers extrinsic goals to motivate them, rewarding them with quality certificates and awards, thereby amplifying their learning.

The training at Starmoves College from the Minis League for 3-5 year olds to the Masters League, with completion of the “Starmoves Boss” exam, is the perfect basis for participating in the professional training to become a Starmoves Coach, the key to long-term Customer loyalty and the basis for teaching in a future-oriented and successful dance school.

The Starmoves College dance student of a dance school automatically participates in the system and starts at level 0. By learning selected basic moves, taught by specially trained Starmoves coaches, he can reach the next level after his successful presentation. As recognition for the successful completion of the exam, the examinee receives his certificate from the dance school, as well as an exclusive necklace with a pendant, a so-called “dog tag” in the right design for the respective level. From the beginning of their hip-hop training, the student can register online in the Starmoves portal. After activation by the licensee, the dance student has access to video teaching materials appropriate to their level in order to be able to prepare for the upcoming exams in the best possible way.

At Starmoves, we ensure that our aspiring dancers receive the training they need to succeed in the hip-hop coaching profession. In the final training to become a hip-hop coach, the participants receive not only the ability to do more than 200 basic steps from the various hip-hop dance styles, but also additional knowledge and qualifications in the areas of methodology, didactics, marketing, lesson preparation, structure, music theory and communication , choreography, anatomy and customer service.


Our STARMOVES family connects all kinds of hip-hop enthusiasts globally. This joint passion for dance grows even more when we share it – that is why STARMOVES coaches and students meet with our choreographers at workshops, camps and other dance events to learn, grow and be inspired from each other.

STARMOVES for Coaches

Your coaches benefit from comprehensive training, as well as further training at regular intervals that deal with hip hop basics, choreographies and various educational topics.

STARMOVES for students

From student to coach. The STARMOVES concept not only inspires coaches, but also young and adult students with different dance experiences. The students learn the complete dance ABC of hip hop dance with a lot of fun and are rewarded with dance badges.

Our educational services for the trainings:

6 Brand new choreographies monthly CHOREOGRAPHIES PER MONTH

Whether hip hop, house, street style or dance hall etc – with the exclusive access to the STARMOVES portal we provide your coaches with tutorials and choreographies for every age group and all difficulty levels. in our STARMOVES portal we provide your Coaches tutorials and choreographies for everyone Age range and all skill levels available.


Your coaches are able to take part at our WhoGotSkillz workshop tours up to 3 times per year.


Your coaches can take part in up to 10 different four-hour intensive coaching sessions per year, which take place in different locations.


We train your coaches to become hip hop trainers. The training consists of several blocks and lasts a total of 1 year.



Advertise your STARMOVES courses in the traditional way with flyers, brochures, posters, roll-ups and much more. classic with Flyers, Brochures, Posters, roll-ups and much more.

Social Media – Get viral web-exposure with just one click Go viral with one click


Whether Facebook, TikTok or Instagram – our high-resolution images, videos and ready-made texts for all formats are available for download. You just need to post them.

Download digital material to present on your website


Advertise your STARMOVES courses online and get attention of the students with banners and videos of the STARMOVES classes.

Dance school search engine
get discovered directly


Your students, as well as anyone who wants to become one, will be able to find you conveniently using the search function on our STARMOVES website.

streaming portal
Training material on demand


Give your students access to our streaming portal. The students can then train the hip hop basics from home and prepare better for the exams.

Level up the dance classes at your dance studio!
Amaze your students with STARMOVES!


Your students will be happy

From beginners to professionals: STARMOVES
provides your coaches with high-quality training
aterial from the world’s best choreographers for
every age group.


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Present your dance business with unique teaching,
advertising and marketing offers that will make you
stand out from the crowd and impress your students


Save time

We provide you with complete ready-to-use
educational and marketing tools for your
dance school. You only have to pass it to
your students.


Who can become a partner

Traders in the field of dance and fitness (fitness studios, dance schools, dance clubs, self-employed trainers, etc.)

What does Starmoves cost?

depending on the package from € 99 per month (no admission fee). All items in the price-performance overview such as Seminars, etc. included in the price.

Contract term

The minimum contract term is 12 months

Who are the choreographies for

We want the dancers to learn the choreographies in the dance class, not from home. Therefore you can only learn the Starmoves choreographies with licensed Starmoves partners.